Indigenous Leader Rises From Poverty | Now, USC Board Member

At age 9, George Roath lost his grandmother, who had been a powerful influence in his life. His parents split up shortly thereafter, and Roath’s father basically checked out of his life.

“I felt like I lost my youth. All of a sudden, I went from being a brother to more of a father,” Roath said.  By age 14 he was working to both support himself and help raise his four younger siblings, and his older sister.  At home, he had no men to look up to, no healthy outlets for expressing his frustration, and seemingly no way out. But God used caring adult men, including USC’s Chuck Allen, to instill hope, confidence and perseverance in Roath.

George overcame the obstacles in his life to earn two degrees, become a business owner, youth pastor and the youngest USC Board Member.

“Through Christ, all things are possible,” Roath stated, and with “determination, motivation and community, success is always possible.”

Read his entire story of transformation from troubled urban teenager to successful young adult.


Journey with us as we develop responsible Christian leaders.

Reaching Student Athletes

Each year, USC serves dozens of pre-game meals through our Beautiful Feet ministry. These meals are prepared by volunteers, parents and community members. What makes these meals special, however, is that before each meal the high school athletes hear a Christ-centered message. After nearly four years of serving meals, USC is seeing more and more athletes seeking answers about salvation.

Last week, the athletes watched a video featuring the testimony of Tyrone Flowers. Tyrone grew up in a primarily low-income, urban neighborhood like many of our students. But his story took a tragic turn when he was shot by a fellow athlete his senior year of high school. The shooting made him lose use of one arm and he was not able to walk again.  Even though he could have been angry at the world and his shooter, he forgave his shooter and used his story to share the power of Christ.

After the video, Pastor Chuck Allen posed this question to the team: “Why are you here?” He used Tyrone’s testimony to challenge the boys in their walk with God. After the talk, eight boys surrounded Chuck to learn more about salvation through Jesus Christ.

Pastor Chuck Allen was so moved by this experience that he contacted Tyrone Flowers to ask if he could meet the boys in person. Last Friday, the entire boys’ basketball team got the chance to meet Tyrone and ask him any questions they had about his life and his walk with God. The head coach of the basketball team told us that the boys don’t come to USC each week for the meal – they come for the message of Christ.

Scripture: Mark 11:25: “And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.”

Other News:

  • 17 students from the USC will be volunteering at Metro Lutheran Ministries and visiting a
    Senior Living Center next Monday, February 18.
  • Thank you to Lawrence Wesleyan Church for designating USC to be the recipient of the proceeds from the 2013 Serve Banquet.
  • Students from the University of Phoenix will be volunteering at the USC this Friday, February 15.

Prayer Requests and Needs:

  • Pray of our Life Enrichment mentors as they teach about purity and marriage to our after-school students this week.
  • Please pray for the USC as we share the Gospel with students and parents on Wednesday evenings at Soul Food Discipleship.
  • We are still in need of healthy snacks for students in our after-school discipleship program. Please contact Alex Mathew at [email protected] if you can donate snacks.
  • Please continue to pray for us as we finalize plans for our Benefit Dinner on April 11 at the USC.

USC Unites Community To Serve

You’ve heard about the PTA doing things for the local schools, but have you heard of PTC? At USC, we have recently coined a term – PTC, which means Parents and Teachers Cooking.

On Wednesdays, we have two discipleship programs – Alpha for adults, and Soul Food for students. Last Wednesday, two parents of students enrolled in USC programs, Vickie Juarez and Tammy McFadden, helped purchase and prepare the meal for Alpha, which they attend. It is uplifting to see mothers serve other parents in our community. Vickie and Tammy have busy lives – working full-time and as wives and mothers, but they still carve out time to prepare meals and to volunteer at USC and USC’s partner church, Servant Community Church.

Also this last Wednesday, the teachers from Mark Twain Elementary, where most of our younger students attend, prepared a gourmet meal for our students and mentors with the help of our volunteer food coordinator and former Instructional Coach at Mark Twain, Lisa Schonhoff.

It has been a long-term dream of Chuck Allen, USC’s Executive Director, to see more of the community involved in impacting the lives of our students, and this past Wednesday demonstrated how this prayer is being answered, as community members joined together to serve.

Matthew 25:44-45, “… ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?’  “He will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’”

Other News:

  • Praise God for the 12-passenger van that was donated to the USC last month! This van will allow us to have more students attend field trips and summer camp.
  • 17 students from the USC will be attending a Genetics Lab at Kansas City Community College on Friday, February 1.
  • Lawrence Wesleyan Church will be having a special banquet to raise awareness and support for the USC on February 8.

Prayer Requests and Needs:

  • Please pray for the USC as we share the Gospel with student athletes who come to the USC for pre-game meals this semester.
  • We are still in need of granola bars and other healthy snacks for students in our after-school discipleship program.
  • Please pray for us as we make plans for our Benefit Dinner on April 11 at the USC. Please contact Alex Mathew at [email protected] if you can donate snacks.

We invite you to Journey With Us as we unite the community to serve the Lord and each other.