Entitlement Mentality | November Update

Students from the suburbs to the inner-city have a deep-seated sense of entitlement. The Urban Scholastic Center began a new initiative this year to help break the entitlement mentality. Mentors have empowered students to create and sell unique products, such as birdhouses and bracelets, to earn money. So far, the students have collectively earned more than $1,600, which will pay their Life Enrichment fee. Equipping students to earn money now, will empower them to earn a living in the future.

Watch the video to see more November activities.

A special thanks to Marianne Curtis, and Cedar Ridge Christian Church for their help with the Urban Market!

You can now donate cash and non-cash items on our new website! Donate cars, old computers, inventory, precious metals and more! Click HERE to see how.

Empower Me! | October Update

It’s an amazing feeling to empower students! In October, USC students prepared a meal for more than 90 people, and they also baked 300 cookies to help a local ministry. Mentors helped students make more than 40 creative bracelets and 19 rustic birdhouses  for the Urban Market. Marianne Curtis, USC Creative Arts volunteer, helped to launch the Urban Market at Cedar Ridge Christian Church with a one-day sale. Bracelets and birdhouses were on display, and students earned almost $600, leaping toward their first goal of $1,600, which will pay the Life Enrichment activity fee for 16 students.

Watch the video, and click here to Journey with us as we develop socially responsible Christian leaders.

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