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In 2010 the Urban Scholastic Center partnered with 12 churches and organizations to get books into the hands of children in our community.  Children from low income families spend about 25 hours viewing books before entering kindergarten, compared to children from middle income families who spend about 1,350 hours viewing books before entering kindergarten. Another reason children from low income families don’t read as much is because there is only 1 book for every 300 children in poor communities, compared to 13 books for every one child in middle income communities.

USC took action in 2010 and has distributed more than 75,000 books in urban Wyandotte County, KS!  We also played a role in helping another local ministry, Mission Adelante, start their own book distribution program! USC is impacting children, parents, teachers, community leaders and other ministries in our community! Watch the October Update video to learn about the other ways USC is making an impact in urban Wyandotte County, Kansas. We invite you to Journey With Us!