Mentors, Count Me In!

The Urban Scholastic Center has many on-site ministries that help students become socially responsible Christian leaders. We also send dedicated mentors into local schools through our School Mentor program. Each week, more than 15 USC School Mentors spend at least one hour in a public school classroom. During this hour, the mentor assists the teacher in whatever area the teacher may need help – including, but not limited to, working directly with students. Shannon Stone, a former elementary school teacher who returned to the schools more than 3 years ago as a USC School Mentor, recently taught a financial literacy course using curriculum specifically designed for elementary students – She is featured in the latest USC video. Please watch how she is impacting students in urban Wyandotte County, Kansas. If you would like to serve at a local school, we invite you to volunteer at the Urban Scholastic Center.

Thank you for Journeying With Us!


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