Ministry Partnerships

We believe that God is pleased when ministries work together. For this reason, the USC staff has made an intentional effort to forge partnerships with regional and local ministries.

We had the privilege of helping leaders at Indian Creek Community Church model their after-school program after our Life Enrichment Program. They now have a Life Enrichment program at their church. We also partnered with Koinonia Bible Church to help them create a Soul Food ministry at their church.

Through a partnership with Literacy KC and Connecting for Good, computer skills and literacy classes for adults began in February! Indigenous Leaders, Justin and Louise Strickland are the liaisons for this ministry at the USC.

Rakmi Shaiza, founder and director of Stitching Change, and her dedicated volunteers have been teaching women from Nepal and Burma to develop their skills in sewing. Through a partnership with the USC, Stitching Change now has a permanent space for their ministry. USC provides a space, tables and storage cabinets for Stitching Change. Here is a message from Rakmi…

“When I first met these ladies who have come as refugees from Nepal and Burma to Kansas City, Kansas, I immediately felt connected with them. It may be because I share many cultural similarities with them. I love their cooking, their hospitality, and their sense of humor. I have had dinner and tea in their homes on many occasions — several times it was because I invited myself :). While their food is delicious and they are gracious hosts, I mainly love visiting them to listen to their stories. Like me, they left behind all the things they had grown up with and moved to the US to start a new life. In listening to their stories, I began to learn that they are creative and have a great desire to learn new things! Their stories, their creativity, and their resilience inspired me to start this grassroots program, Stitching Change, to help these women empower themselves. I don’t do this on my own — I have been blessed with the invaluable help of some wonderful volunteers. We are grateful for the partnership with the USC!”

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